Before this class I didn’t know much about blogging at all. Once I learned it was something we had to do weekly I knew I had to pick something I was passionate about in order to enjoy each weeks assignment. I decided to write a travel blog because it is something that I love and do often. I love to experience new cultures and places and share my experience with others, especially other people interested in traveling as well.

Both my parents have traveled all of Europe at different times, but both loved it. Because of this and because they were born outside of the US they encourage me to travel outside America by taking me to so many different places around the world. I have loved traveling ever since I was a little girl and I will never stop loving it. It’s always a new experience, even if I visit the same destination. You never encounter the same people, or the same experience so it always feels like a new journey every time.

Having other people to love to travel as my audience made it easier for me to write. I knew that what I was saying would interest them whether they have been to that destination or not. I hope I have encouraged people to either start or continue to travel the world. It has been a great experience and I hope to continue blogging about my future travels around the world.



Italy is such a dream. After Greece I thought nothing could compare, but Italy is just so beautiful and full of life. There is so much history and art here that there are endless things to see and do. Italy is also full of adventure and we cannot wait to explore all the different jewels this country has to offer. People here are so welcoming to their visitors it makes us never want to leave. We’ve only been here a few days but thank god we still have over a week here. There are so many different cities and towns waiting to be discovered. Here a few pictures to show you the beauty of this country! ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Checked my E-mail last night and saw that my dad sent us tickets for a trip to GREECE! We leave in a few hours! I officially have the best dad ever!

Just arrived to our amazing hotel! So luxurious and has a great view of the beautiful island. We’re off to explore the island now! 🙂

What an afternoon we had! Went on a hike, had the BEST lunch, met the nicest locals, then cooled off by cliff jumping into the ocean!

After just one day in Santorini I can already tell why it is the top island destination in the world. Such a good day and it’s just the beginning!

Woke up this morning to the sound of the ocean and had a delicious breakfast overlooking the island. Not a bad way to start our morning.

Perfect weather called for the perfect day. We spent the afternoon exploring the island and spent our night at an amazing nightclub. We are loving Greece!!

After a long, crazy night out we spent the whole day just relaxing on the beach today. We even got to experience the most beautiful sunset in the world

Our vacation is ended too soon 😦 We had the best time and can’t wait to be back! Maybe with our husbands in the future since it’s such a romantic island




Luxury, fun, and shopping! What more could 4 girls ask for?! Dubai is known for these three things so this next stop is heaven on Earth for us. We are so excited to be visiting Dubai and experience the luxurious trip we all want! It is best known for it’s shopping and is an open port with low import duties so it is perfect for 4 college girls seeking a luxurious shopping spree! After 5 hours of shopping and reaching our credit card limits we decide to take a break and relax on the beach. The view is incredible and we could not be happier with our day. The sun is shinning hard so we decide to go for a swim. After our long day we decide to call it a night and head to our hotel for dinner then sleep. We say goodnight to the beautiful destination and plan to rent a boat the next day. 

The next morning we wake up bright and early and have our hotel reserve a boat for us. We go to the port to get on the yacht and the captain takes us around. He lets us stop to do some snorkeling, wake boarding, and jet skiing. We have the time of our lives but our day ended too quickly! We eat out on the port that night overlooking all the docked boats. It is an amazing view and none of us can believe we are actually here! We are loving it here in Dubai and wish we could stay here forever! But we have more places to see and more adventures to go on! 




My friends and I are finally in Prague and we could not be more excited! The first thing we notice is that the name of this city is Praha, not Prague. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Prague so we decide to take a stroll across Charles Bridge and take in the sights of this city. We later ask a local what Praha means and they explained how it translates to threshold or doorstep because in the early centuries Prague was a name for just the castle and later was used to describe the city around the castle as well. Rita then asks what are the best places to visit and they respond that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we will love wherever we go. We ask for more specific places since we don’t know anything about this city and we are told to make time to see the Prague Castle because it is the largest castle complex in the world, Malá Strana Bridge Towers which is at the end of the bridge we were on because if you go to the top you get an amazing view, Old Town Hall because it is a great place to shop and contains the Astronomical Clock which is a great icon to my people, and the Powder Tower because it is an important medieval monument. We thank the local for their time and suggestions and we are off on our way to visit the rest of the city in our short visit here.ImageImageImageImage


The next stop you guys might not have heard of. Lebanon. My mom was born and raised in Lebanon and I’ve always wanted to go back to her home country and visit. Lebanon is a country located in the Middle East along the Mediterranean Sea. My two friends Souki and Kenza, my sister Rita, and I jump on the next flight to Beirut, Lebanon. We arrive in the beautiful city of Beirut in the evening and hear music playing as we are making our way to our hotel. It’s coming from a local cafe and it’s a group of men playing their instruments and singing along joyfully. We can still hear it from our room, and although we don’t know exactly what they’re singing about since it is in Arabic, it still sounds beautiful. We go to that cafe after we wash up and hear about a concert later that evening. We can already tell music is a big part of the Lebanese culture. We ask around and learn the name of the instruments each of them are playing. One is playing the lute which looks like a guitar and they call “al-ud”, another is playing tabla which is a hand drum, and the last is playing the daff which is a tambourine. We get all dressed up and headed to Beirut Waterfront where the outdoor concert was held. They are held every summer and bring in different artists-both new and traditional music was played. It was something for people of all ages to enjoy but mostly for people in their late teens and 20s. We sang and danced the night away until it was time for bed. The next morning we were woken up by the band at the little cafe playing their instruments and singing their songs in Arabic. We went there for breakfast and when they stopped playing we asked what they were singing about and they simply replied “love”. Lebanon takes pride in their music and you can hear it playing just as you walk the streets. It different where I’m from in California where the only music you hear comes from cars. Here, they come from actual people you see on the streets just playing because. It’s something they love and something that will always be around. It helps make Lebanon the country that it is.Imagethe view from the plane!ImageImageBeautiful Beirut at nightImageThe concert!


Every summer I’ve been lucky enough to spend 2 weeks of my summer in Mallorca, Spain. Most people I talk to have never heard of Mallorca because it is a secluded island off of Spain. It is one vacation I will never get tired of because it is paradise on Earth. The most beautiful beaches can be found in this island and is close enough to the famous island of Ibiza to jet off to on the weekends. I’ve been going to this island for the past 8 years and I have never gotten tired of what Mallorca has to offer. I encourage everyone to visit Mallorca at least once in their lives. No matter what age you are there is something for you to love about Mallorca. It’s most enjoyable for people in their late teens through their 20s because Mallorca offers an amazing night life with a city that never sleeps. The people there are always so welcoming and friendly it makes you want to keep coming back year after year.
Renting a yacht with your friends is the ultimate way to tour Mallorca. Stopping at different beaches during the day and docking at beautiful ports at night will leave you with the best memories. The water is so clear you can see the white sand under your feet no matter how deep you go.
Besides the perfect beaches and amazing night life Mallorca has the most perfect restaurant on the multiple ports on the island. The seafood there is incredible because it is always so fresh and caught that same day.If you’re looking for somewhere to vacation to this summer Mallorca is the place!




When most people think of traveling, they think of Europe. Although Europe is a great place to travel with so much history and beauty to offer, people tend to forget about all the other magnificent places this world has to offer. I admit that if I had to pick one place to focus my travels on I’d pick Europe, but somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit is Australia. If you enjoy relaxing on divine beaches, Australia is for you. Or if you would rather go on outdoor adventures, Australia is for you. If you prefer going somewhere with a great city life, Australia is for you too. Basically, Australia is for everyone! You can spend a week going along the coast to all the various beaches including the Great Barrier Reef! After you’ve enjoyed yourself on the beautiful beaches Australia has to offer, it’s time to pack up and go on an adventure! The next stop is Australia’s famous outback. Here, you can embark on all sorts of journeys such as a four wheel drive around the Gibb River Road where you can stop on the way at the rocky gorges and go for a quick, refreshing swim. Lastly, you can unwind from your Australian adventures by going to the various cities. Of course you have to visit Australia’s famous harbor  in Sydney where you can be immersed in Australia’s art, culture, food, and history. Before you go back home from any trip you MUST go shopping in Melbourne. It has boutiques, galleries, malls, and everything you need! It’s must last-minute stop.

m¶Ûm melbourne-cbd-at-dusk


Bora Bora

The first stop on my list of dream vacations is Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a beautiful island located in the French Polynesia. Since it is a tropical island there is a rainy season. But don’t worry! The best time to go falls during the summer and is anytime between May and October. During this time the temperature averages in the  80’s with no rain. The water is a perfect temperature of about 80 degrees and you couldn’t ask for anything better than that! The main languages spoken are French and Tahitian, but don’t worry if you don’t speak those languages because they are used to tourists and most people speak English. There are 7 luxurious resorts on the island which are all located on the water-literally on the water, not near it-it’s amazing. Screenshot 2013-09-19 at 10.51.06 PM

Although Bora Bora is a small island there is a lot to see an do. A great attraction is the Bora Bora Lagoonarium where you can go scuba diving with an instructor and see all sorts of sea creatures! Other great water activities are jet skiing and going on the Shark and Ray Snorkel Safari. If you aren’t much of a water person there are many things to do on land. There is a jeep tour that takes you up to the World War II ruins where you can hike up trails and get great views of the island. I bet most of you didn’t even know that Bora Bora was even involved in WWII! Okay, it wasn’t involved in the whole war part but it was used as a U.S. base for military supply, oil depot, airstrip and seaplane base. If history isn’t your thing either, don’t worry there’s shopping!! Shopping is everyone’s thing even if they claim to not like it. Who doesn’t like getting new things to wear?

The locals of Bora Bora have a very rich culture in which they believe in myths and traditions that have been passed down to them by the Polynesian gods. They have traditional songs and dances that they are not shy about. They are very warm people that are proud of their culture and love to share it with tourists. They make you feel very welcome to their island-at least that’s what I hear.

Bora Bora Beach the Vacation Spot